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Season 2: what do you want explained?

Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles

Season 2: what do you want explained?

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This is what generally happens at 4:30 in the morning; I start thinking about TV series and where I think they aught to be going in future seasons where applicable. Season 1 of SCC left a *lot* of questions unanswered, and I do mean a lot. I want to give everyone a chance to toss their own perspective on things. What do you hope will be answered in the coming season? And, optionally, if it were up to you, how would it be answered? Educate us in the comments and we may decide to make something of it.
  • For myself, I want to know what the hell Uncle Derek's deal with Cameron is. He has some serious hate towards her. Way too much to be explained away by the fact that he just hate's all machines.
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